About Us

Welcome to Starbound – where craftsmanship meets creativity, and the allure of the cosmos intertwines with the artistry of leather. I'm Austin, the founder and creative mind behind this journey into the world of premium leather goods.

With a decade of experience as an artist and designer, my passion for all things creative led me to explore the timeless craft of leatherworking. What started as a personal hobby to channel my creativity in spare moments has evolved into Starbound, a brand dedicated to crafting pieces that stand the test of time.

I believe in the enduring elegance of handmade leather goods. Each wallet I create is a testament to our commitment to quality, precision, and the pursuit of perfection. I am continually refining techniques and exploring new horizons to ensure that every piece that bears the Starbound name is a piece of functional art.

Every piece for sale has been 100% handmade with my own personal designs refined through trial and error. Everything from cutting pieces of leather, sanding, glueing, stitching, and applying the perfect finish, is done without a single piece of machinery. This allows every piece to be unique in it's own way so no two wallets are ever truly the same.

While I love the process and catharsis of crafting wallets and leather goods, one of the goals for Starbound is to create custom, tailored baseball and softball gloves that don't exist off the racks. So every wallet that's sold, helps to fund the next phase of this journey.


Thank you for being a part of the Starbound story.


Austin Melendez

Founder & Maker