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Starbound Leather

The A1 Dagobah

The A1 Dagobah

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The A1 Dagobah is the #1 wallet to carry a coin with. It's made with a beautiful piece of Italian pebbled Minerva from the Badalassi tannery on the outside layers, and a smooth Minerva for the middle layer, stitched together by hand with a creme-colored bonded nylon.

It comfortably fits your everyday carry coins up to 1 3/4" (1.75in) or it can hold an Air Tag, for those who are wary of losing their wallet.

The A1 has four (4) pockets that can comfortably hold twelve (12) to sixteen (16) cards once it's worn in and a coin or Air Tag on the outside. Perfect for service members with challenge coins, Anonymous members and their milestone coins, Poker players to hold their chip, or enthusiasts who carry coins for fun.

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