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Starbound Leather

The J1 Martian

The J1 Martian

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The J1 Martian is the product I'm most of proud of right now. It's made with a beautiful and wildly unique piece of Italian marbled shell cordovan from the Rocado tannery, and stitched with Fil Au Chinois natural linen thread. Aside from the luxurious quality of materials used for this piece, it's just visually incredible.

Instead of having the shell side facing forward on the front pockets, you see the flesh side with the official Rocado Shell Cordovan stamp shown off to display its authenticity and to make it feel more like a piece of art than a wallet. The shell has that shiny finish, and there's no doubt that this wallet will stand the test of time and will wear beautifully.

The J1 Martian has four (4) pockets that can comfortably hold twelve (12) to sixteen (16) cards once it's worn in and will be quite the statement piece for whoever is lucky enough to purchase it.

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